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Mark Wanyonyi: Tranforming Adversity into Opportunity

Mark Wanyonyi Juma traveled 283 miles from Bungoma to Lodwar, a land he knew was fast developing which only meant more opportunities. 

With welding as the only course he had perfected, he was employed by a local contractor for more than 3 years. The working conditions were not very friendly as he worked very hard, earning more clients to the company but he was not being paid. The climax was when the contractor relocated owing him more than $4000. Going back to the village was not an option and at this point, he kept contact with the clients he was serving, this time approaching them as the business owner. This he said was the best decision he ever made in his life.

10 years into his business, he had an order to supply metal beds and a friend introduced him to 4G capital in January 2022. He was approved for a loan of $150 which he received the same day. This helped him meet the deadline to the pending order and at that point, he made a choice to grow his business with 4G Capital. 

His loan limit has grown since to $1000 with over 10 employees which has opened his business to more opportunities such as orders from the county government and well established NGOs. 

Mark appreciates the Savings training amongst others that he has received from the 4G capital over since his first loan. He said he is a few coins away from financing a new workshop in a nearby town, thanks to 4G Capital.

Mark believes in empowering the community around him and distinctively, one of his best employees has hearing and speech impairment thus he had to learn how to communicate with him. 

To make it in business,  customer service, perseverance and having an eye that sees opportunity in every situation, is the key. 

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