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Your journey with 4G Capital starts here

We offer invaluable skills and training to drive a career in financial services. Regular staff incentives and promotions are offered within our fast-growing business.

At 4G Capital, we value a diverse workforce and the contribution each individual makes.

Our committed workforce now numbers 1,045 colleagues in Kenya and Uganda, nearly half of whom are women.

We equip our staff with the necessary tools to succeed. We believe that autonomy, communication and purpose are the key performance drivers. We recruit for energy and a positive attitude, and our culture has been designed to serve both client and employee aspirations.

We also collaborate with the Kenya Business & Disability Network and the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) to maximise career opportunities for persons with disabilities. We continuously post jobs and successfully recruit through their Career Portals.

Our Culture
Courage is the wellspring of all virtue. You cannot have integrity, or resilience, or endurance without courage. You can't make the hard decisions when you need to.  You also can't trust others, or see beyond the horizon without overcoming fear of the unknown. But courage has to be balanced with knowledge and thus wisdom. Courage doesn't mean being foolhardy or reckless: balance in everything.
Respect for others, for customers, colleagues, stakeholders, investors has to be felt and also shown. Everyone, regardless of background, is on a journey shaped by their circumstances. Without validation, peoples' behaviours start to strain, and fear and anger enter the equation. Respect and recognition of universal values overcomes prejudice, unlocks trust and also allows accountability.
Harder to say when today's focus is on inclusion, but without a conscious commitment to excellence, you have a subconscious commitment to mediocrity. You're not respecting other peoples' potential or agency when you accept low standards. Everyone wants to be part of something that matters; something that's bigger than themselves. It means striving, pushing through pain barriers and going the extra mile. Excellence drives precision and clarity…failing to plan is planning to fail.
Entrepreneurship, solving hard problems, needs commitment. There will be times when you want to quit, and times when cutting bait on something that's not working is the right thing to do. But you won't get it done unless you're all in.
Money is an input. The output is growth: customer success, brand, business, personal, and family growth. We're doing this to become better versions of ourselves. Committing to shared value creation and shared growth, is what makes your counterpart your ally, and you their indispensable partner. It requires thought...plan your journey for the person you want to be and the life you want to have.
Our Partners
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We're not just a business, we're committed to making a positive impact on our staff & the communities we serve

Disclaimer: 4G Capital does not charge any kind of fee at whichever stage of the recruitment process and does not act through recruitment agents.

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