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Using our Business as a Force for Good

Impact & ESG

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Our ESG Commitment
Our Social & Environmental Mission drives us to effectively manage our operations in order to minimise the impact of our business on the natural environment and community at large.
Our Economic Mission prompts us to design scalable financial solutions and business tools that connect the African informal sector with the rest of the world.
Our Product Mission compels us to leverage digital and innovative solutions that offer the greatest value to our customers who need it the most.
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4G Capital is Africa’s best-performing fintech that is certified as a B Corporation (B Corp). B Corps are a new breed of businesses that are intentional about balancing purpose and profit.
We work within the B Corp community, and the wider B for Good Leaders Network to do business with mission aligned partners and promote our values of selfless commitment, respect for others, integrity and moral courage.
As a customer-centric organisation, 4G Capital has been recognized two years in a row as a Best for the World™ company creating positive value for our customers. We are among the businesses setting the standard for serving and offering the greatest value to our customers.



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Ending Poverty in all its Forms

All our customers are taken through financial literacy training alongside every loan they take with 4G Capital. This means they can repay their loans while maintaining a healthy profit, increasing the chance of building a viable business that can grow and join the formal economy.


As a result, our research shows that 4G Capital’s customers grow their revenues by an average of 82% annually.

Decent work

& economic growth

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Promoting Decent Work and Economic Growth

Since becoming a 4G Capital member, 94% of our customers have reported an increase in business growth and savings while 58% have employed additional staff in their businesses.

Reduced inequalities

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Reducing Inequalities

We value a diverse workforce and the contribution each individual makes. In a bid to promote an economy that leaves no one behind, we are committed to promoting inclusivity, equality and diversity in our policies, practices and procedures.

Industry, innovation & infrastructure

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Championing Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Rather than blind-lending, 4G Capital blends human interactions with technology. ‘EVA’ is our in-house proprietary machine learning that delivers high fidelity insights and due diligence, to enable clients access the best rate of capital for business growth.



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A Pledge to the Planet
because #4GCares

At 4G Capital we understand that every action counts in the fight against climate change. That's why we are proud to announce that we are carbon neutral for Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions.

To get to Net Zero, we have pledged to provide KAWI loans that enable customers to access asset financing and capacity building for their businesses to embrace climate-adaptive solutions.

Gender Equality

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Promoting Gender Equality

We don't just empower our 72% female customers. We are proud to have a 51% female workforce, giving opportunities in traditionally male dominated departments such as technology, product and operations. In fact, our amazing Senior Management Team is 57% female, the majority of whom are home grown talent. We also have a female Co-Founder and a female COO who work tirelessly to champion all women across the business.

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