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Hellen Awori: A Tale of Growth

Hellen Awori has happy childhood memories of cooking with her adored mother.  This inspired her to start a restaurant business - her dream was to cook for many and pass some of that happiness on through her recipes. She opened the business in 2020 and found the Covid period challenging.  She needed support, and a friend suggested she talk to 4G Capital.

Mrs Hellen visited the office in 2022 and found the manager very welcoming.  Hellen says she was treated well, and following her assessment was offered funding of 360,000 Ugx. Since then she has had a smooth relationship with 4G Capital and her business has expanded and grown. She is now able to serve a number of clients and employ her family members therefore giving her family an opportunity and source of income. She has also been able to raise school fees for her children from the profits made from the business.

In 2023 Hellen had a stroke which affected her leg and she limps which

limits her movement.  During that trying time her family operated the business, providing stability and reassurance, until she got better.

As we speak Hellen Awori takes an amount of 1,700,000 Ugx and has utilized the business knowledge from business training to grow, manage and sustain her business. Her relationship with the manager Sandra is amazing; she calls her “my daughter” and this is the reason she feels at home while at 4G Capital.

Mrs Hellen is looking forward to expanding more and owning a big restaurant in Tororo town.

Her goal is to accommodate many people and to be able to serve people with the same great meals she cooked with her mother as a child.   She says she will be with 4G Capital “Pakalast” meaning forever.

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