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All the latest information and answers to your frequently asked questions.

What is 4G Capital's most popular product? UPIA is our flagship 30-day product.

How do I request a loan from 4G Capital? Dial *612# in Kenya or contact us on +256 707 424 213 in Uganda.

Who does 4G Capital target? 4GC Capital is here for small businesses buying and selling stock within a short time cycle, and the distributors who supply them with goods to sell.

As a business owner, what do I need to apply for a loan? Eligibility Criteria: 1. Your business needs to have been in operation for 6 months and above; 2. A valid ID; 3. A permanent business; 4. Proof of ownership of business; 5. Operating in Kenya or Uganda; and 6. A registered Safaricom or MTN line.

Why 4G Capital? We consistently deliver the best customer growth and business wellbeing outcomes, with the most competitive products and the best service. We succeed when our customers succeed.

What kind of financial literacy trainings are offered by 4G Capital We offer a progressive series of skills and knowledge training, tailored for your business needs.

Where is 4G Capital located? With over 167 locations across Kenya and 22 in Uganda, and over 114 distribution partners, there will be a team nearby for you.

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