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Chrisantus - Tailored for greatness

Chrisantus is a warm-hearted skilled entrepreneur. He currently engages in various business activities, such as selling fried fish which is very popular among his customers. This however isn’t his main business of focus.

“I ventured into business in 1988, starting with tailoring. Initially, I worked regular jobs and was later trained by my sibling in tailoring. As the business gained momentum, I decided to start with the resources I had – selling material and offering tailoring services. With the support of my sibling, we managed to attract more customers and the business began to flourish. I mainly dealt with men’s clothes as we felt women’s fashion evolves too rapidly,” he says with a giggle.

“Over time, I established connections and expanded my business to the point where I would travel from my home town to Nairobi. Sometimes, I would walk around the market, ensuring I keep in touch with the people in the community, not just through phone calls but also by visiting them.”

Despite facing challenges, such as financial constraints and the unpredictability of the tailoring business, Christantus has persevered and remains determined to keep growing his business. “The introduction of 4G Capital was a turning point for me. “I've been with 4G for quite some time now, possibly more than five years. A friend introduced me to them, and after our conversation, I decided to engage with them. I found solace in the fact that 4G Capital valued me as a client and provided timely alerts about loan options.”

Christantus proceeds to explain that in the dynamic world of business, change is inevitable. “During tough times, when funds are scarce, having a reliable partner like 4G Capital becomes crucial. The flexibility they offer, allowing me to repay loans at my own pace, aligns with the challenges I face in my trade. Unlike other lenders, 4G Capital understands the nature of my business.”

“Dealing with the uncertainties of business is tough. Sometimes, the products you invest in might not yield the expected returns, and you end up with excess stock. 4G Capital's approach, considering the realities of my business, has been a relief. They acknowledge the struggles we face and provide solutions tailored to our needs.”

As we conclude our conversation, he introduces us to his wife who manages the fish section of the business. During our interview, almost half of the customers who engaged Chrisantus for his tailoring services got a whiff of the sweet aroma of fried fish and actually decided to have a scrumptious plate of food as they waited for their clothes to be mended. The symbiosis of their business arrangement is extremely admirable.

“4G Capital has proven to be a reliable financial partner for me. Their understanding of my business challenges and their willingness to adapt to my unique circumstances have made a significant positive impact on my entrepreneurial journey. I appreciate their support, and I confidently recommend 4G Capital to others looking for a financial partner who cares about their success.”

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