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Florida Murugi: From Small Beauty Shop to Thriving Entrepreneur

Meet Floridah Murugi from Meru county who moved to Lodwar during her college days and later got married there. She started a small beauty shop after college in Lodwar town 11 years ago but it was not doing so well as she would get a profit of around $20 everyday. She could  not satisfy the demands of her customers who mostly wanted cold drinks and general shop items. She said she had smelled an opportunity in this fast-developing town and had vowed not to return to her village. She always wanted to have a one-stop-shop for her customers with very affordable prices and a visit by 4G capital officers to her business in April 2022 brought a new dawn to her dreams. 

Upon introduction, she was impressed by the uniqueness of the loan design with the instant and privacy features standing out. 

She was approved for a loan of $300 at the beginning which she received on the same day. With this financing, she stocked the first bunch of soft drinks that she sold within 3 days. This motivated her to even add more. Her beauty products customers were still there therefore she subdivided the stall to fit both.

“Excellent customer service and avoiding over-indebtedness is the key to making it in business, thanks to 4G capital who taught me this early enough,” she said.

With the rapid growth in her business, she was approved for a loan increment on her 3rd cycle and with this she decided to move to a bigger space, this time, a stall she had built on her piece of land.

Diversification is an art she has mastered so well as she has 4 sections in her shop, one for beauty products, all types of soft drinks, dry food stuff as well as fresh kales which she sells outside her shop.

With her current loan limit of $1000, she makes a profit of $200 every week and this she said, has opened her business to many opportunities; local school supplies and access to the best distributors in the town where she gets stock at very fair prices. 

When asked about her savings plan, she was thrilled as she narrated how she has managed to build a beautiful house for her mother in the village in less than a year. She however plans to get back into serious savings as she has a 3 years goal of being the biggest hair and beauty products distributor in Lodwar.

“4G Capital is the best place for visionary business people  to grow and thrive as unlike other lenders, they trust you first, then build the relationship later, she said with a big and confident smile😀😀"

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