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We know working capital to buy inventory is vital for small enterprises. With UPIA, you’ll get a 30-day loan and training to help you grow your business better. 

We’re your partner in more ways than one - the guide that helps make your money work better for you, your rock  in uncertain times and the giant that’s always got your back.

Dial *612#
to register

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We don’t ask for collateral before you get your loan. We don’t rely on your assets as security for your UPIA loan. You get what you need when you need it.


We are your private relationship managers. This means we keep client information confidential.


When your loan is approved you will receive it within 24 hours for the first loan, and request repeat loans in under a minute through a simple SMS short-code.


Loans are affordable and accessible. Our rates are competitive and favourable to our customers, with no hidden charges, fees or up-front payments. 

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UPIA Features

  • 30-day working capital loan; offered through a network of local branches through direct sale.

  • Loan ranges from KSH 5000 - KSH 100,000.

  • Interest rates are dependent on Customer Loyalty and good repayment history.

  • Flexible repayments accepted.

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Can I have an UPIA loan?

YES as long as…
  1. Your business has been in operations for 6 months and above;

  2. You have a valid ID;

  3. You have permanent business address;

  4. You have proof of ownership of the business; and

  5. A registered line with Safaricom in Kenya and MTN in Uganda.

To Register dial *612 # to access instant mobile loans to grow your business


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