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Suzanne Kihara: The power to read

It’s always amazing to see Mt. Kenya show off its beautiful glory when we take a trip to Nanyuki. It’s a beautiful town with beautiful people such as Suzanne Kihara who has been one of our customers since the year 2021.

Our chat was quite short as we happened to visit her bookshop during back-to school season and definitely did not want to interrupt her business. Her well-stocked shop is located in a busy area within Nanyuki town which also happens to be on the ground floor of the same building where our office is located – I guess charity truly does begin at home.

Suzanne learnt everything she knew about running a bookstore from her father who had owned it before her. She has a passion for books and a background in education. She

however was not interested in pursuing a career as a teacher. She always had a knack for business and initially sold clothes. On the passing of her father in the year 2016, Suzanne inherited the bookshop and has never looked back.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing as business was really down in 2020. That’s when she was introduced to 4G Capital by a friend.

Niliwaapproach juu nilikuwa nimesota sana. Na tumekuwa sawa from the beginning. Most of the time me hulipa daily but nIkiwa na pesa mingi nalipa yote. Nikimaliza tu hivi, napata ingine immediately.
Translation: I approached them because I was short of funds and our relationship has been great from the beginning. Most of the time I make daily partial payments but when my income is up, I pay in full. On completion of the payments, I get another loan immediately.

Suzanne’s goals for the future are to expand her business. With continued access to capital during peak periods such as the back-to-school season, this is possible!

Education is the most powerful weapon which y ou can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

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