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Ross Breadmore: A day in the life of the CPO

In our product department, we touch upon every part of the company and are involved in most initiatives, so every day is entirely different. One day I will be deep in the detailed design of a new feature for one of our products, and the next I'll be updating teams on the wider vision. I am always happiest when I'm actively moving work forward, and helping the team be the best they can be.

Things move quickly at 4G Capital and there are often more competing priorities than we have time for, so I encourage the teams to focus relentlessly on what will help the customer grow their business, or a colleague do their job. We work closely with customer success and operations to understand customers and colleagues, and my favourite part of the job is spending time in branches where I can see the hard work and positive human energy up close. My background is in designing banking services in the UK, and I love spotting the parallels and differences in the East African finance space. Money is a deeply personal topic for everybody, and I'm so proud of the care we take at 4G Capital to get it right.

The product team is incredible and I'm proud to be a servant-leader. For me, this means always being available to support, encourage, and listen. Product can be a tough job, so a large part of my role is listening to the team and helping them reflect on a particular challenge. My favourite work quote comes from Dolly Parton:

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

This summarizes my approach to leadership; nothing is more rewarding than seeing one of the team learn a new superpower, and using it to deliver great work.

When I'm not working I love anything creative; drawing, writing and making films. I have a six year old daughter and love to get her excited about these things too. Work can be exhausting so I'm always conscious to balance a long day with something indulgent, like a sunset cycle, taking photographs around a local park, or cooking a good meal for the family.

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