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Mary Masoro: Biashara Kali

Mary Masoro was first introduced to 4G Capital 5 years ago by a friend. During that time, Mary had opened a business where she sold food. Eventually, she closed that business down and switched her core activity to selling vehicle spare parts in Jua Kali, Migori. She already had a bit of experience in this, having been employed to sell parts at someone else’s business before she started her own business. She was very passionate about it and saved up to open her own established.

Following her first loan application, Mary received KSh. 10,000. Over the years, this has been increased bit by bit and she has hit the KSh. 100,000 mark. Mary is grateful to 4G Capital for supporting her business. As a result of her growth, she has been able to buy property that she uses for rental purposes. As the ambitious business owner that Mary is, she has already started building more houses with a little help from her husband.

She’s enjoyed the business training from the 4G Capital team on keeping business records and making partial payments which has contributed to her success.

Kile nimependa na 4G Capital, they don't disappoint. Ukiwa na shda yoyote, they're always ready to help. Mmefanya niinuke.
Translation: hat I like about 4G Capital is that they don't disappoint. If you experience any difficulties, they're always ready to help. You've helped me grow.

Mary is very keen on maintaining healthy borrowing habits and mentions that where business owners may go wrong is when they borrow from numerous streams. She makes partial payments depending on how her business is performing to ensure she’s not caught off-guard.

Her advise to fellow business owners is this:

Hakuna biashara iko 100% perfect, lazima upitie changamoto. You just need to be strong and don’t give up. Ukipata umeanguka kidogo, simama, jipanguze vumbi na uendelee na biashara.” She says.

Her take on 4G Capital, well:

“Ukikaa na mtu for 5 years, it means kuna uzuri umeona."

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