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James Gitonga: A story of growth

Fresh out of college, James Gitonga walked through the doors of Kenya Brewery and found himself entranced by the world of sales. For three years, he worked diligently learning valuable lessons and building his dreams. As fate would have it, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, and altered the course of his life. Armed with his hard-earned savings and the determination to chart his own path, James ventured into entrepreneurship. Grapewa Wines & Spiritswas born!

The moment you start a business you become your own boss. You’re working on your own time. Siwezi sema ni mbaya. Naona nimegrow grow.

Amidst the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, destiny once again entered the group chat. A call came, presenting the opportunity to take KUZA on as a growth partner. With an initial investment of 400,000 Kenyan shillings into his business, he embarked on a journey of transformation. KUZA became more than just a financial partner; it became a reliable ally. The 30,000 Kenyan shillings he received as his first loan was a stepping stone to his dreams. He has added 2 new clubs to his line of businesses. He lights up when he speaks about Pauline, the ever-supportive relationship manager, stood by his side, offering guidance and assistance whenever he called upon her.

The world of business is full of challenges and James understands this well, emphasizing that self-awareness and determination are key pillars to help you keep moving.

I’ve managed to build two clubs on the way to Kerugoya thanks to the profit from this wines and spirit and I now have 7 employees. I use social media for my business especially when I stock new products. I send information to my clients through WhatsApp. Najua hii biashara ni ofisi yangu. So I make an effot to be here early every day and I close at a similar time as my clubs.

James envisions a future where he becomes a distributor himself and can pass on his legacy to the next generation.

With a desire to leave a mark for generations to come and he eagerly anticipates connecting with industry peers as well as being the first to introduce innovative products to Kirinyaga. With three distributors under his wing, he envisions a unique path to recognition, organizing product tastings in his bars as a testament to his dedication.

Heroes of the Hustle wanainua wale wanyonge na wanapea mwelekeo kwa wenye wako kwa hiyo hustle.Yes, I consider myself a Hero of the Hustle. I used to afford only 15 cases of one brand and now I can take up to 100 pieces. Mahali nimetoka ni mbali na nina imani mahali ninaelekea ni mbali pia.

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