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Benson Mwangi: Growing through the seasons

Benson Mwangi’s venture into the second-hand clothing business spans over 15 years, starting with a humble investment of 1500. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to Karatina, Nanyuki, and Embu, where he initially faced the challenges of understanding customer preferences in this dynamic industry.

In the early days, Benson would move around town, gradually growing his customer base from three to four individuals a day, to an impressive 20. With financial support from his chama, he added to his stock, which truly demonstrates the power of collective investment.

The onset of COVID-19 brought its own set of challenges, as Benson had to adapt to the changing landscape. During this period, he utilized innovative strategies, such as repurposing sleeping bags into blankets to meet the evolving demands of his customers. Despite initial obstacles, his resilience prevailed, and his business continued to thrive.

His journey with 4G Capital began with a recommendation from our agent, Mercy. Despite initial hesitations due to past experiences, Benson decided to give it a try. The application process proved to be seamless, and the financial support from 4G Capital significantly aided in expanding his business.

Currently managing four stalls, three in his hometown and one in Nyeri, Benson envisions further growth, aiming to open ten stalls in the coming months. His relationship with 4G Capital has evolved positively, with easy reapplication processes and a supportive community that understands the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Beyond financial assistance, Benson appreciates the guidance and understanding of the 4G Capital team, emphasizing the importance of starting small and gradually building success. He encourages others to view 4G Capital not just as a financial provider but as a reliable partner in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Benson concludes by expressing gratitude for the positive impact of 4G Capital on his business and personal life. He envisions a future where he can secure a permanent location for his business, hire employees, and contribute to the community by providing job opportunities. 

The story of Benson Mwangi reflects the essence of perseverance, adaptation, and the transformative power of strategic financial support.

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