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From Sore Muscles to TV Screens: Ann Macharia

On this beautiful morning in April 2021, I woke up with a thrilling revelation—the gym was calling my name! I had reached a level of self-love and body acceptance that spurred me to ponder: What if I push myself even further?

As the pandemic confined us to work from home, I stumbled upon a gym that quickly became my after work sanctuary. It was a place where sweat mingled with determination, I was looking forward to gaining healthy weight. I battled with 51kgs for what felt like an eternity. The initial days were filled with sore muscles and tired bones. Day by day, rep by rep, I channeled my inner strength, and with each lift, I pushed the boundaries of my own limitations and with that I found myself eagerly anticipating the challenge of lifting heavier loads. Triumphantly, I achieved the milestone of deadlifting 100kg—an unforgettable moment of pure joy!

Then, life led me to Uganda, where my gym enthusiasm experienced a temporary lull. As if guided by unseen hands, I stumbled upon a gym that resonated with my spirit, reigniting the flame of passion for fitness. And if that wasn't enough, fate had yet another delightful surprise in store for me. A TV station located in Cementers Plaza, where our Uganda office resides, initiated a body corner segment and sought volunteers. In a stroke of luck! I grabbed at the chance, and now, yours truly graces the TV screen.

There's still some work ahead, but I have discovered that making exercise a way of life unlocks doors to countless possibilities. It not only transforms your body but touches the very essence of your being. It instills confidence, empowers your mind, and opens doors to a world where challenges become stepping stones and dreams become realities. So, here's to embracing the journey of fitness and welcoming the surprises it brings! And perhaps, as you read these words, you, too, might be inspired to embark on your own extraordinary journey, discovering the strength and brilliance that lies within you.

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