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Claris Atieno: Ignite your potential

Meet Claris, an extraordinary mechanic hailing from the bustling town of Eldoret. Her remarkable journey with 4G Capital commenced in 2021, a tale sparked by a recommendation from her sister.

Claris' passion for the business stemmed from her mechanical background and a desire to create employment opportunities, ultimately impacting many lives. Her path however has not been without its challenges, as she strived to maintain a steady flow of funds to fuel her commitment to providing impeccable customer service. In her line of work, she needed to have spare parts available as payments for her service are received after the vehicles she works on have been restored to their prime state.

With a modest initial loan of $300, Claris gradually expanded her business, now handling repairs and bodywork for big companies such as KPLC and APA Insurance. She has grown steadily and her current loan limit is now at $1000. Her key strengths in this mechanical industry are swift work and ample workspace which make her a standout choice. Her determination knew no bounds as she meticulously utilized each loan to expand her business. Her story speaks volumes about the potential locked within each person's hands and heart.

While her journey wasn't without occasional hurdles and the challenges of managing a team of 6 to 10 employees on the toughest days, Claris diligently invested every loan into her business, always matching it with a genuine business need. In her decision to partner with 4G Capital, the compassionate customer service and swift accessibility to loans won her over.

She found herself facing unique obstacles, including the hesitancy of women to engage in business with fellow women. However, her unyielding resolve remained fueled by the heartwarming smiles on her clients' faces when they laid eyes on their transformed vehicles. This joy became her driving force to outdo herself with each subsequent client.

For fellow entrepreneurs navigating the tumultuous waters of financial constraints, Claris' story serves as a guiding light. In the face of adversity, she chose not to watch her dreams dwindle, but instead, she sought out financial partners like 4G Capital who could infuse her business with the instant capital needed to flourish.

Claris' journey is a resounding testament to the symbiotic relationship between dedication and opportunity. Through her tale, we're reminded that behind every business endeavor lies a beating heart and a soulful aspiration.

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