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Annastacia Wavinya: Adams & Family

“It’s a boy!” or maybe “It’s a girl!”

If you’re expecting or have a little one at home, when it comes to the clothing department, Annastacia Wavinya has got your back! She has a couple of stalls in Adams market where she sells clothes suited for kids who are little toddlers, all the way to eccentric teenagers.

There’s a quote by comedian Amy Poehler that goes like this:

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

Annastacia was always been big on investing in her chama even before she dove into the entrepreneur side of life. She was introduced to the second hand clothes trade by a friend which presents a true form of growth through friendship. Her friend connected her to a salesperson who taught her the tips and tricks of the mtumba game.

In the year 2010, after gathering a good amount of skill and knowledge, Annastacia was ready to dive into the business on her own. With an initial haul worth Ksh.100,000 and background knowledge she opened shop in a stall she has now come to own.

When Annastacia was introduced to 4G Capital, it was a bit of a no brainer for her. She’s always been open to loans for growth and was made aware of the 4G Capital offering once again by a friend -may we all be and have these types of friends. She used her first loan of Ksh. 20,000 to buy a bale of clothes for resale.

Usually she's keen to purchases stock within a day of acquiring funds from the loan she acquires. It’s no surprise that her limit has so far grown to KSh.30,000.

Through her hard work, Annastacia has been able own a stall, rent two more which she aspires to own in the future. Her other ambitions include buying a pickup that would enable her to transport stock as well as building her own home to ensure her children are comfortable.

With her journey in mind, Annastacia would love to pass the knowledge she’s gathered to more individuals. She loves paying it forward and has so far introduced 4 clients to the 4G Capital fraternity.

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