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Amos Kipkemboi: Growth through style

Introducing the remarkable Amos Kipkemboi, owner of a beauty parlour in the heart of Eldoret town. His story is one of determination and achievement, a tale that underscores the power of resilience and seizing overlooked opportunities.

Though the industry is perceived female-dominated, Amos was determined to harness his skills and opened his own business after working as an employee within the industry. Seeing the immense potential that lay ahead, his journey into the beauty parlour landscape commenced in early 2019. After seven months in the game, the 4G Capital team approached him and it was in December 2019 that he embraced this partnership when he got his first loan of $100.

By this time he had a total of 6 employees making sales of utmost $50 on the best days. He said 4G Capital has walked with him the journey of success especially with financial literacy offered over time. The excellent customer service he has been getting from the relationship officers, fast access to a loan and repayment flexibility are the major reasons he has been a loyal client with quite a good list of clients he has referred and are also doing well.

He currently has a total of 16 employees, his facility limit is at $1000 and he is making the best out of it as the profit margins have gone up to 3-4 times what he was making before joining 4G Capital. When we asked him about his magic touch, he said in his line of business it pays to keep the employees on a commission basis so that they have the motivation to retain their clients through offering excellent customer service.

He desires to open another business in the next 2 years but this time, in Nairobi or its environs.

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