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Tracy Wambugu: A Tale of Resilience, Ambition, and Gratitude

Tracy Wambugu, a vibrant businesswoman based in Kirinyaga town, is not just an entrepreneur but a passionate hotelier. With a degree in hotel management.  Her journey in the hospitality industry is not just a profession but a testament to her dedication.

Her hotel, a family business started by her late father, became Tracy's responsibility after his passing. Managing it since 2016, Tracy took it up seriously last year.

Raised in Kirinyaga, Tracy's journey reflects her resilience and dedication. Even during renovations, the hotel never closed its doors. A significant setback occurred when Tracy had to take over the business after the passing of her father. Initially lacking confidence, the community's encouragement helped her regain the strength to continue her father's legacy. The skills and zeal instilled by her late father have become her guiding light, making her thankful for the foundation he laid. However, challenges like economic fluctuations and a decrease in customer flow over the past few years have tested her perseverance.

Tracy's introduction to 4G Capital came through her cousin, and it proved to be a game-changer. Seeking funds for essential hotel products, Tracy found the process surprisingly easy. The friendly representatives not only guided her through the financial aspects but also showed genuine interest in her business's well-being.

Despite the setbacks, Tracy manages to set aside a certain amount every day to pay off her 4G Capital loan. The support from 4G Capital has been pivotal in Tracy's journey, and she plans to increase her limit to a hundred thousand shillings.

As an active member of the hospitality industry, Tracy collaborates with other hotel owners, supporting and learning from each other. Tracy's biggest support system is her mother, a seasoned businesswoman who imparts invaluable advice and keeps her grounded. The mention of 4G Capital brings a genuine sense of gratitude from Tracy. Their exceptional customer service, constant support, and the positive impact they've had on her business make 4G Capital Tracy's trusted financial partner.

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