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4G Capital and Mambu empower entrepreneurs in Africa

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

London, 3 August 2022: 4G Capital, an award-winning neobank powering micro and small business growth in Africa, announced their go-live on Mambu's leading cloud banking platform.

4G Capital provides unsecured business loans along with enterprise training and access to digital solutions. Mambu’s platform will enable the neobank to scale and expedite its digital journey to meet customer business needs.

4G Capital has delivered more than 1.75 million loans since its inception in 2013 and decided to move to a cloud-native banking platform to help facilitate its ambitions to scale. The neobank conducted significant market research and screening before selecting Mambu; the platform’s flexible and composable technology approach enables 4G Capital to expand its customer base across Africa and grow its financial services portfolio.

4G Capital also prioritised brand compatibility in their search, including shared values and socially conscious goals. Both Mambu and 4G Capital share the same mission of bridging the finance gap. Since 2013, 4G Capital has been on a mission to unlock human potential for good, enabling traditionally excluded micro and small enterprises to access funding with products designed to increase clients’ take-home earnings, grow their businesses and improve access to vital services. This is achieved through a blend of relationship management with proprietary AI technology to minimise default risk.

Mambu aims to enable billions of people to have access to modern banking experiences and started in 2011 servicing micro-lenders, particularly in emerging markets in Africa. Today, Mambu has 77 million daily users and over 230 banks and financial institutions as customers.

Our investment in Mambu enables us to accelerate our mission of growing businesses with capital and knowledge. Mambu provides a best-in-class platform that fits into our existing digital architecture and business processes. We were impressed with their team and working culture, which aligned with our own focus on pioneering innovation and customer success. We share the belief that customers must be at the heart of all that we do. Bridging the finance gap for micro and small businesses is not only about ‘access’; it is a covenant for success. We look forward to maximising the capabilities of Mambu as our systems and operations evolve and grow.

- Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, CEO & Founder of 4G Capital

4G Capital and Mambu are aligned both culturally and historically. Our partnership means we can close the finance gap to create better banking experiences for groups that have been historically underserved. The micro and small enterprise finance gap across the world is enormous, despite this sector being a key economic driver globally. We are committed to helping 4G Capital support entrepreneurs everywhere in achieving their potential.

- Peter Richmond, VP of Customer Success at Mambu

The roadmap for 4G Capital, supported by Mambu, sees a range of new products and services to serve micro and small enterprises, scaling across existing markets of Kenya and Uganda, then into new emerging markets both organically and with channel partners.

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