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4G Capital has supported micro-enterprises in Africa since 2013, providing financial literacy training with working capital loans to help small businesses grow sustainably.

4G Capital clients receive a bespoke programme of business training to help them use micro-loans to achieve much higher take-home earnings.  4G Capital’s proprietorial machine learning technology delivers high fidelity insights from traditionally data dark sectors.  We design scalable credit products and services optimized for clients’ business risks, timescales and affordability.  Training is delivered via mobile apps and face-to-face outreach.  Using only mobile money, loans are accessed in under two minutes with either smart or feature phones.

4G Capital seeks to address the Finance Gap across Africa.  This stands at over $19 billion for Micro and SMEs in Kenya alone (source: IFC), even though this important segment accounts for over 30% of GDP.  It is almost impossible for these companies to access credit without high collateral and data requirements.  Over 30% of small businesses fail due to lack of funding. 

4G Capital consistently achieves very high collections rates without collateral or refinancing its clients by only lending to viable businesses on terms that are right-sized for them.  4G Capital is on target to positively impact over 1 million people by 2020.  With operations in Kenya and Uganda, and having received multiple industry awards, 4G Capital is now scaling across the continent and expanding its suite of products and services as Africa’s Fastest Fintech. 

Impact Report - 2020

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21st October 2021: 4G Capital Recognised by International Finance Corporation (IFC) and SME Finance Forum for Innovations in Small Business Lending


June - September 2021: Media Coverage Report


January - May 2021: Africa Coverage Report


January - December 2020: Communications Report 2020


1st November: 4G Capital together with the Centre for Financial Inclusion Smart Campaign Defines Standards for Client Protection


25th July 2018: 4G Capital collaborates with Technoserve in Smart Duka Pilot Scheme successfully increasing SME revenue by 82%


15th March 2018: 4G Capital innovates with Finhaven to create Africa’s first ever tokenised bond issuance for SME microfinance


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