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4G recognises that an important aspect of accountability is to have a mechanism to enable all individuals to voice their concerns in a responsible and effective manner when they discover information which they believe shows malpractice.

4g Capital is committed to conducting all of its business activities ethically and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and the highest professional standards. Integrity in our business behaviour and in our management systems is crucial to the success of 4G Capital, our customers and our shareholders, as well as the fulfillment of our corporate responsibilities.

The 4G Capital Raising Concerns Policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that concerns of potential breaches of laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies raised in good faith are handled in an appropriate manner and rectified as necessary. Whistleblowing is the process through which you can report, in confidence, such potential breaches. This could mean fraud, criminal behaviour, ethical issues or breaches of financial services, health and safety or regulatory obligations - or the deliberate concealment of any of those things.

If you have a concern or issue you'd like to raise, please use the 'Contact us' link below